Sexy Debate Time – Ep 123- Ready Player One

7 Apr

Get ready for an nerdgasm! The latest episode of Sexy Debate Time is plugging into the world of Ready Player One. The SDT crew are review Steven Spielberg’s film aka the most geeky flick ever!

Sexy Debate Time – Ep 122 – Black Panther

21 Feb

Barge and Bobby return to talk about Marvel’s latest movie, Black Panther. AKA one of the most important blockbusters you will see in awhile. Well, the most amazing thing about this is got Barge into a movie theater on opening night. Yeah Bobby was shocked too. Enjoy!

Sexy Debate Time – Ep 121 – We’re back! Again!

15 Jan

The Sexy Debate Time podcast is back! After a long break, Barge and Bobby return to explain why they haven’t watched The Walking Dead. Yeah the crew are having a tough with this season. The crew gives this thoughts plus a review of Downsizing. Enjoy!

Sexy Debate Time – Ep 120 – Game Of Thrones Season Finale

13 Sep

Hey, Barge and Bobby almost forgot they did a podcast! The SDT crew talks about the season 7 finale of Game Of Thrones. Man this show makes us feel strange. Also, a brief conversation about what the crew should talk about next. Walking Dead is too far away. What will the SDT crew do? Until then…enjoy!

Sexy Debate Time – Ep 119 – Not A Great Idea

27 Aug

Barge and Bobby return for another edition of the SDT podcast. Of course, plenty of talk on the “Beyond The Wall” episode of Game of Thrones. Yes, this is a spoiler talk. Deal with it. Enjoy!

Sexy Debate Time – Ep 118 – East watch

20 Aug

Barge and Bobby are back to talk about the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Or as we like to say the Inglorious Dirty Magnificent Suicide Square episode. Spoiler warning. Enjoy!


Sexy Debate Time – Ep. 117 – Dragons Are Hard To Fight

13 Aug

The SDT podcast is back with more talk on Game of Thrones. A lot has happen is the latest episode and we are not just talking about the Loot Crate Scene. Barge and Bobby breakdown the episode; including one important fact: Dragons are hard to fight. Enjoy!


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